"De Omslag is an independent, non-profit project and network organization in the field of participation"

what does De Omslag do?

Foundation De Omslag is an independent, visionary project and network organisation for issues in the field of participation and employment. De Omslag is the axis for several organisations in the following industries: health and welfare, social rehabilitation, addiction, disability-specific support services, well-being and education.

By supporting as well as linking these organisations to each other, we can achieve social participation and integration of people with disabilities.

This is brought about by:

*engagement and networking: creating possibilities and network meetings
*inclusive development: clearing the way
*matching supply and demand: a good match is half the work.

By means of an intense process and project based style of operation, De Omslag brings parties together. Being neutral territory, De Omslag acts as a catalyst and gives rise to action.

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