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B-WISE needs assessment

With the B-WISE project, we researched the learning and development needs of social enterprises. These are the results of the research in the Netherlands.

Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISEs) in the Netherlands: a study on development needs

In the Netherlands, WISEs, or Work Integration Social Enterprises, play a crucial role in the labor market by helping people with support needs find employment. These companies are not only employers but also provide essential training and support to foster labor market integration.

Key figures and activities

A recent study on development needs in the Netherlands, conducted by De Omslag, included interviews with staff members from 10 WISEs, encompassing a total of 6884 employees, of whom 5452 need support. These organizations are active in various sectors, including manufacturing (40%), computer science (20%), trade (20%), and support services (20%).

Workplace support
WISEs focus primarily on supporting their employees through practical training, work experience placements, and permanent jobs. The perception of this support can vary between employees and their mentors, with the support being less directly visible in some cases.

Skills development
WISEs actively invest in developing a wide range of skills in their staff, from social and professional skills to specific job skills, through formal and informal training.

Technology and innovation
Although technological development in this sector is somewhat behind due to deliberate choices to ensure employment and a lack of resources, technology also offers opportunities. The use of technologies such as apps, videos, and virtual reality can increase employee independence and improve productivity.

Conclusion and future prospects
There are significant opportunities to further digitize production processes and individual workplaces. A deeper understanding of how technology can be integrated into the management of WISEs is essential in this regard. Developing digital skills is crucial for keeping up with an increasingly digital world.

For more information about this initiative, you can contact De Omslag at info@deomslag.nl.

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