"De Omslag is an independent, non-profit project and network organization in the field of participation"

de Omslag; an overview

Get to know De Omslag: an overview of our commitment. The vision of De Omslag is an inclusive society. Through association and innovation De Omslag is the catalyst for care and welfare in Amsterdam.

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we are the network

Network meetings at De Omslag get you thinking. By questioning policy, disclosing loopholes and collectively discovering solutions. Especially now, it is evident that bringing together the expertise of diverse participants is important. Coordination and exchange fortifies this.

brimming with expertise

The faculty at De Omslag possess extensive expertise in the area of the ‘care’ market in Amsterdam. Specifically in terms of regulation and law-making with emphasis on policy and innovation in the field of social participation of vulnerable groups.

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Privacy en gegevensbescherming

Wij beschermen uw persoonsgegevens. Onder nieuwe en oude wetgeving, privacy is altijd belangrijk geweest voor De Omslag. We hanteren een beleid dat we geen informatie verzamelen die niet essentieel is voor het organiseren van ons kennisnetwerk.

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a council keeps watch

Foundation De Omslag was established in 1999 by Amsterdam organisations in the mental health sector. The board is in charge not only on a constituent but also on a management level. The supervisory board fills the ultimate role of overseer.

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annual reports

Here you will find our annual reports; a nice bird’s eye view. The last overview we made is the annual report 2022.

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