"It is our aspiration that all people of Amsterdam with disabilities have an opportunity to become participants in our city"

  • Yes we can!

    Many people stand on the sidelines and do not count, while they would like to work. In a conference on 15 February 2022 from Pakhuis De Zwijger, we will investigate how social and solidarity economy can change this. You can already register.

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  • Social Economy Action Plan

    In December, the European Commission launched the Social Economy Action Plan (SEAP). In this way, the Commission indicates that efforts will be made in the coming years to strengthen the social economy.

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  • Toegankelijkheid organiseren

    Buurtteams zijn gestart. De Omslag gaat buurtteams, aanbieders van dagbesteding en WPI ondersteunen om met elkaar de toegang te regelen. Door uitwisseling te organiseren zorgen we voor de samenwerking die nodig is voor soepele toeleiding.

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  • Sociale inkoop trechter

    The social purchasing funnel was created by De Omslag as a simple tool that can be used almost everywhere. Also in the service of labor participation of its own participants. We offer a free support program especially for two social organizations that wish to do so. Interesting?

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  • waarom investeert de omslag in meetellen?

    “Met ervaringsdeskundig onderzoek haal je resultaten naar boven die anders gemist worden”, zegt Esmeralda van Naaten van Stichting De Omslag en initiatiefnemer van Meetellen in Amsterdam.

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reaching higher

The website jekuntmeer.nl gives a complete online overview of the possibilities for learning, working and doing in Amsterdam and Utrecht.

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social affairs

Social institutions and projects can offer work and day services for lower public costs. What do they need to achieve this? Clients and social service providers!

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Knowlegde Network Social Impact

With the Social Impact Knowledge Network, De Omslag will connect practical, legal and scientific knowledge to make the move from ‘cannot’ to ‘can do’.

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Participation guide for professionals

“De Groene Golf” was action research. All the findings from the De Groene Golf action research can now be found on the “Participation Guide for Professionals” website: https://participatiegids.nl/nl/home.

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