"It is our aspiration that all people of Amsterdam with disabilities have an opportunity to become participants in our city"

inspiration sessions round 1

11.45 – 12.45 hrs

For the first round, after the main program you can choose from the following sessions.

Equal opportunities – how?

We exclude a lot of people. This happens unconsciously and consciously, often with the best intentions, for example to manage risks. It can also be different. By looking at recruitment & selection and organizing work differently, opportunities are created for people who would otherwise not have their turn.

With the cooperation of:

  • Jos van Delft of Startfoundation about the further development of the open hiring method in the Netherlands
  • Martijn Arets is a professional outsider and expert in the field of platform economy

Talent development – competencies for the future

Digitization offers great opportunities for companies and their employees. Are they actually equipped for that and hooked up to it? Europe is committed to the future of the social economy by investing in digital skills. Competencies for the future: is the social economy ready?

With the cooperation of:

  • Karel Vanderpoorten, DG Grow of the European Commission
  • Martina Paterniti of ENSIE project leader of B-WISE
  • Lara Deckers, research assistant De Omslag project B-WISE Netherlands

Investing in solidarity economy – social governance, you have to dare

Is a good boss good for employees? Not necessarily. Shared ownership is not only profitable for a company, but also for the employees: social recovery and self-confidence. Get to know the different shapes.

With the cooperation of:

  • Xavier Roberti, Grouppe Terre from Liège with over 70 years of experience in social entrepreneurial management
  • Martine Niessen of the DOEN Foundation gives us an insight into the advantages of a steward ownership company where purpose comes before profit
  • Thijs Spaargaren of SchoonJust discusses the how and why of an employee cooperative

Investing in the social economy in the Netherlands

The European Commission launched the Social Economy Action Plan in December. The Netherlands is not a forerunner and as a member state should take EU policy to heart. How can we turn our backlog into an advantage?

With the cooperation of:

  • Patrizia Bussi, director of ENSIE a European platform for Work Integration Social Enterprises
  • Maarten Hogenstijn, senior researcher Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
  • Stefan Panhuijssen, director Social Enterprise NL
  • Corine van de Burgt, director De Omslag and director ENSIE
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