"It is our aspiration that all people of Amsterdam with disabilities have an opportunity to become participants in our city"

sessions round 2

13.30 – 15.00 hrs

For the second round, after lunch you can choose from the following sessions:

A job without an interview? (equal opportunities)

Because we consciously and unconsciously exclude many people in the recruitment and selection process, we delve into a model to prevent this. Open Hiring® leaves no room for the usual prejudices and doubts. As an employer, you put people’s options first and you connect to the local community of which you are a part. The door is open.

With the cooperation of:

  • Jos van Delft of Startfoundation provides extensive information about the further development of the method here in the Netherlands

Participation without law (equal opportunities)

The Participation Act creates unnecessarily high barriers for people with disabilities who are looking for work. In a large city like Amsterdam, less than 0.5% currently works in a social job, while 5% is at home on social assistance. This can be done better and more effectively.

Pantar, Milieuwerk and Breedweer are taking responsibility for a different approach. With few or no restrictive rules when hiring people, good guidance and the prevention of dropout (accommodation if necessary), we save social costs.

With the cooperation of:

  • Lex de Boer, Pantar
  • David Jansen, Social Capital
  • Jack Stuifbergen, Breedweer
  • Saskia Andriessen, policy researcher/advisor

Ownership – is there a limit?
(invest in solidarity economy)

Running a company from the bottom up, by the people who work there. That is a goal for a solidarity economy. But how much ownership do people actually want? Social entrepreneurship, can we or do we want to? And how difficult or easy is this in practice. (social) Cooperatives and companies provide extensive information about their practice, successes and dilemmas; use it to your advantage.

With the cooperation of:

  • Jessica de Ruijter, LaNSCO, national network of social cooperatives
  • Marcel van Twuijver, cooperative director of the DePortuur cooperative
  • Thijs Spaargaren, director of the Schoongewoon cooperative
  • Esmeralda van der Naaten, initiator Meetellen in Amsterdam

Goal for profit (invest in solidarity economy)

New questions arise with a successful social enterprise. For example, about how you can scale up your company. Because raising capital involves risks. Investors often want to see a quick return. How do you secure the ‘purpose’ of your company? There is a danger of mission drift.

With the cooperation of:

  • Mirjam Niessen from DOEN Foundation
  • Maike Kauffmann, project Management Research & ThinkTank, Purpose Stiftung GmbH

Social procurement the norm
(invest in social economy)

Governments and other public institutions purchase many products and services from companies. Contracts above € 215,000 must be purchased for the European Public Procurement Directive, which has been translated in the Netherlands into the Public Procurement Act. How can we ensure that social procurement is not limited to a single successful example?

With the cooperation of:

  • Anna Lupi, Legal and policy officer at European Commission, DG Grow
  • various procurement experts including Ben Bugter, Marcella van Room (PIANOo), Karin van IJsselmuide (Nevi)
  • various social firms with experience in procurement: Menno Hoekstra (De Lokatie), Jos van Beuningen (The Flower Family) and Marieke Snoek (Cycloon).
  • Jochanan Nagel, municipality of Utrecht
  • Jaap Kemkes, expert on social procurement, De Omslag

A bridge between business and healthcare
(invest in social economy)

People want work that suits them and do what they are good at. See the importance of matchmaking there. The same principle applies between a sheltered workshop and entrepreneurs. In this collaboration, entrepreneurs run the business side and care providers do what they do best: provide care.

We see many possibilities and opportunities by making room in this way. Learn from the bumps; What should you pay attention to as an entrepreneur & as a healthcare organization? And what do you need to realize as a healthcare organization before you start?

In collaboration with:

  • Suzan Doodeman and Johannes van den Akker, Firma Hoe dan wel!
  • Sara Milo, Social Good and Raphael Foundation

A good conversation about local
(invest in social economy)

In an honest conversation about local application in municipalities; why is it not easy to take advantage of the opportunities offered by social enterprises?

With the cooperation of:

  • Ellen Oetelmans, program manager Amsterdam Impact
  • Willemien Vreugdenhil, Quartermaster CityDeal, Impact entrepreneurship, BZK
  • Chris Schuchmann, municipality of Amersfoort
  • Radboud van der Linden, project manager impact entrepreneurship, Municipality of Utrecht
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