"It is our aspiration that all people of Amsterdam with disabilities have an opportunity to become participants in our city"

investing in social economy

The European Commission launched the Social Economy Action Plan in December. This plan contains concrete starting points for a solidarity and social economy. The Netherlands is not a forerunner and as a member state should take EU policy to heart.

It is possible
Using the experience already gained by other Member States, it is a matter of implementation. How can we turn our disadvantage into an advantage? How can we ensure that social procurement is not limited to a single successful example? How does social procurement become the starting point for every purchasing institution?

Get acquainted with what we already have in terms of instruments and the opportunities for a concrete approach. We see many possibilities and opportunities to combine care and work. Learn about business impact initiatives and local successes.

National government and municipalities can use the social economy as a cornerstone to offer more residents more opportunities for work. What shall we start with?

sessions theme investing in social economy

Towards a social economy in the Netherlands
round 1 | 11.45 – 12.45
Economic development can be directly combined with the creation of extra employment and extra support for people who now have fewer opportunities!

Social procurement the norm
round 2 | 13.30 – 15.00
The Procurement Act offers many tools for social procurement: extra opportunities for companies that create extra jobs for people with a distance to the labor market. How can social procurement scale up to the norm?

A bridge between business and healthcare
round 2 | 13.30 – 15.00
People want work that suits them and do what they are good at. See the importance of matchmaking there. The same principle applies between a sheltered workshop and entrepreneurs. In this collaboration, entrepreneurs run the business side and care providers do what they do best: provide care.

A good conversation about local
round 2 | 13.30 – 15.00
In an honest conversation about local application in municipalities; why is it not easy to capitalize on the opportunities that social economy offers? Learn from impact doing business in Amsterdam, Utrecht and the Netherlands.

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