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investing in solidarity economy

Is a good boss good for employees? Not necessarily. Meaningful work is work in which people experience autonomy. A company that works with a form of shared ownership makes use of collective intelligence. Running a company from the bottom up, by the people who work there. That is a goal for a solidarity economy.

It is possible
Shared ownership is not only profitable for a company, but also for the employees: social recovery and self-confidence. In practice, this is tackled in various ways. From ‘no’ owner, as in the Steward owned company, to everyone owner (1 person 1 vote) in an employee cooperative.

But how much ownership do people actually want? Social governance, can or do we want to? And how difficult or easy is this in practice. And also with successful corporate social responsibility new questions arise. For example, if you want to scale up your company. Because raising capital involves risks. Investors often want to see a quick return. How do you secure the ‘purpose’ of your company?

Explore with us the different forms of shared ‘ownership’. What are the alternatives in the solidarity economy?

sessions theme investing in solidarity economy

Social governance, you have to dare
round 1 | 11.45 – 12.45
Social and other enterprises are also increasingly focusing on democratization, with employees having as much say as possible over their own work and company. What does that require of your social organization? Get to know the different shapes.

Ownership – is there a limit?
round 2 | 13.30 – 15.00
(social) Cooperatives and companies provide extensive information about their practice, successes and dilemmas; use it to your advantage.

Target for the win
round 2 | 13.30 – 15.00
During this workshop we explore the possibilities of ‘Steward Ownership’. Steward ownership is a way to shape ownership of a company. The core of steward ownership is that a company is “itself” and exists to serve its mission.

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