"De Omslag is an independent, non-profit project and network organization in the field of participation"

brimming with expertise

The faculty at De Omslag possess extensive expertise in the area of the ‘care’ market in Amsterdam. Specifically in terms of regulation and law-making with emphasis on policy and innovation in the field of social participation of vulnerable target groups.

They keep close track of developments and trends in the field of social participation of vulnerable target groups and are available to advise you expertly as partners in dialogue. De Omslag is familiar with the language, but also the ground rules necessary to incorporate different fields. In addition, we also have an extensive network of freelance experts at our disposal that we consider part of our team.

Corine van de Burgt
member of the board
Esmeralda van der Naaten
member of the board
Emma Koger
project coordinator
Jeanice Westerhout
project officer
Linda Vis
project leader
Annette Schlingmann
project coordinator Meetellen in Utrecht
Rachel Moolenaar
project officer Meetellen in Utrecht
Marleen van Stokkum
researcher Meetellen
Eileen Berkvens
researcher / project coördinator Meetellen in Amsterdam
Jeroen Groen
project officer Meetellen in Amsterdam
Sander Kelderman
project officer Meetellen in Amsterdam

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