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trends and challenges European WISES

Curious what more than 500 social enterprises from 13 European countries think about trends and challenges for the sector? Read all about it in the first report of the B-WISE project.

The report “Trends and challenges for #WISEs in Europe” is the first in a series of publications within the framework of B-WISE, a European research project led by EASPD – European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities and ENSIE NETWORK.

Up-to-date overview of the sector

The report provides an up-to-date overview of the Work Integration Social Enterprises sector in the 27 EU Member States, with a focus on Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Spain.

Legal, economic, social and policy characteristics and trends are discussed.
Special attention is paid to Digital Skills Needs and Skill Gaps for all groups of employees in WISEs: management, supervisors and employees with support needs.

De Omslag collaborated with all 28 other project partners on this research and report.

A summary and the link to the report itself (249 pages) can be found on this European project page.

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