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Stichting De Omslag Shares European Knowledge at Social Economy Conference in Prague.

Stichting De Omslag continues to strengthen its commitment to sharing European knowledge. Corine van de Burgt played an active role during the recent conference in Prague, organized by TESSEA ČR, z.s. This conference focused on the practice of social economy and social entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic and Europe.

During the forum, there was a special session dedicated to the implementation of European recommendations in various countries. This part of the program was expertly moderated by Corine van de Burgt, who is also the president of ENSIE. Among the speakers were representatives from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, and Poland, who shared their best practices and experiences. They discussed initiatives and the future of social entrepreneurship in their respective countries, leading to an inspiring exchange of ideas and methods that positively impact the social economy.


During the conference “Practice of Social Economy and Social Entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic and Europe,” several important themes were addressed. A central topic was the European perspective on the social economy, discussing national strategies and the role of networks and financing in Central and Eastern Europe. Attention was also given to the implementation of European recommendations in countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, and Poland, with a focus on the contributions of government ministries and umbrella organizations.

Additionally, the role of regions in supporting social enterprises was highlighted, as well as the benefits of the social economy for these regions. Sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) were discussed, emphasizing the role of social enterprises within this framework.

Another key theme was the role of networks in the social economy, with presentations of survey results and recommendations for the development of networks within the Social Economy Action Plan.

These themes provided participants with valuable insights and discussion points aimed at promoting and supporting social enterprises in Europe.

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Thanks to this active involvement and the exchange of European knowledge, Stichting De Omslag takes another step forward in its mission to promote social innovation, both within the Netherlands and beyond. The insights and experiences shared during the forum in Prague will undoubtedly contribute to strengthening the network and impact in Amsterdam.

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