"It is our aspiration that all people of Amsterdam with disabilities have an opportunity to become participants in our city"

Focus on Buy WISEly

Lets talk businessThe Omslag teamed up with over 10 Dutch social enterprises for a conference in Liège about the social economy. We had this awesome focus group aimed at beefing up B2B social purchasing by regular businesses.

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Succesful B2B partnerships

The booklet of impactful B2B Partnerships, showcasing a bunch of exemplary practices between #WISEs and mainstream businesses is out!

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report on the Buy WISEly survey

As part of the Buy WISEly project, we surveyed social buying from Work Integration Social Enterprises by mainstream businesses. More than 100 mainstream businesses and social firms participated. Read about the results and download the report here.

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European Year of Skills in social economy

Corine van de Burgt was honored to speak on a panel about the importance of focusing on developing skills for employees with support needs in work integration social enterprises in Europe. Together with the other amazing panelist Sarah de Heusch, Alessia Sebillo, Giuseppe Guerini and Gerardo Guitierrez & Ilana Gotz

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People, Planet, Action

The Ministry of Labor and Social Economy organizes in Donostia-San Sebastián Spanish Capital of the Social Economy 2023 the European Conference Social Economy: People, Planet, Action, within the framework of the Presidency Spanish Council of the European Union.

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Buy Wisely

Yes, let’s start! This spring we are working together with MKB Amsterdam in the European project Buy Wisely. This is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen the cooperation between social firms and mainstream SMEs!

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Rambler wins WISE manager award

De Omslag is a member and chairman of the European platform ENSIE. In Brussels, ENSIE has presented awards for Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISEs). This was done in the presence and by Brigitte Fellahi, Head of Unit At DG Employment of the European Commission.

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Good practices BWISE

The good practices are available! Click here to find examples of WISEs working for the development of digital skills from all over Europe!

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B-WISE: your contribution to the B-Wise project

Het realiseren van een inclusieve arbeidsmarkt is een van de thema’s waar De Omslag zich voor inspant. We doen dit niet enkel op lokaal en nationaal niveau maar ook samen met onze Europese partners. Samen met 15 Europese landen werken we in een 4-jarige Erasmus+ project B-WISE.
Uw bijdrage wordt gevraagd!

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B-WISE: education

De Omslag start samen met 15 Europese landen met het 4-jarige Erasmus+ samenwerkingsproject B-WISE. WISE staat in Europa voor Work Integration Social Enterprise oftewel sociale firma’s die zich richten op arbeidsparticipatie van mensen met een afstand tot de arbeidsmarkt.

Het doel van het B-WISE-project is het ontwikkelen en implementeren van een nieuwe strategische benadering (blauwdruk) voor sectorale samenwerking op het gebied van leren.

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Valuable conference

On 13 June there was a successful and special conference on social purchasing: Buying for Social Impact. The aim was to come with the officials involved from idea to implementation. To that end, knowledge was shared from research and best practices – in the Netherlands and abroad.

The exchange was very successful, with politics, science, governments and social entrepreneurs sharing in the cultural shift where social purchasing became the norm.

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participatory entrepreneurship

On Wednesday, June 26, De Omslag attended the closing conference of the Rights2Grow project in Brussels. The topic of discussion was the participation of employees in social enterprises in Europe.

In a European partnership, research has been conducted into the practice of 26 social enterprises in 13 EU Member States. These were presented during the conference.

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GSEF 2018

De Omslag organiseert speciaal voor participanten, inspiratie van buiten Nederland, om deel te nemen aan een inspirerende wereldconferentie: Values and competitiveness for an inclusive and sustainable local development van het GSEF 2018 in Bilbao.

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European learning network

The European Network for Social Integration Enterprises of which De Omslag is a member, convened last week. ENSIE connects the social enterprises of southern, eastern and western Europe, making a large learning network available.

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GSEF 2016: think global, act local

De Omslag was invited to contribute to the World Global Social Economy Forum (7-9 September) by means of a presentation. During the conference local authorities and stakeholders in the social economy were gathered in Montreal to contribute as allies of the social economy and the strengthening of smart and sustainable cities.

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De Omslag is a network organisation, primarily for the care and welfare enterprises in Amsterdam and it’s municipality. To stimulate innovation in the area of enterprise, De Omslag has linked up with European network ENSIE. Affiliated organisations can profit greatly from the experience and expertise of other countries. The European network is hereby, through De Omslag, introduced to the situation in Amsterdam and the Dutch perspective.


De Omslag is a member of ENSIE. The European Network of Social Integration Enterprises (ENSIE) was officially established in Bruges (Belgium) on May 11, 2001. For several years, exchanges between national networks for social integration enterprises have made possible the identification of common identifying principles for these initiatives through the various countries of the European Union.

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international Conference Ljubljana

Multiple purposes were served during the conference in Ljubljana in October, 2014. Foremost, the conference Europe4all. This conference’s objective was to discuss and share the good practices of the Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISEs) in Europe.

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inwork: make it work

From November 10-12, 2014, “Make it work”, a European conference about participation, work integration and social entrepreneurship, took place in Amsterdam. The conference brought approximately 100 participants together from 15 countries, formed the keystone of the European Commission subsidized project INWORK.

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