"It is our aspiration that all people of Amsterdam with disabilities have an opportunity to become participants in our city"

reaching higher

The website jekuntmeer.nl gives a complete online overview of the possibilities for learning, working and doing in Amsterdam and Utrecht.

Jekuntmeer.nl is an online platform with an abounding inventory. Where clients and referrers find and inspire one another and the final user finds employment or activities that suits them best.

Jekuntmeer.nl is a digital social map that provides a clear overview to residents and social organisations of all the activities and (work) trajectories that are organized in the community. Organisations personally upload their commodities directly to the website and ensure that activities, projects and initiatives are current, up to date and presented in an attractive and professional manner.

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for referrers

Referring organizations such as Dienst Werk en Inkomen, UWV as well as relief workers in the health and welfare field will find abundant supply provided. The website calculates the matches, which the referrer can then establish, in one glance, to be a suitable or not activity for their client. The possibility to directly contact the supplier via email about availability of the project is also an option.

Jekuntmeer.nl is where to find the WMO supply of (advanced work) day services that the Amsterdam city government provides. As of January 1st, Jekuntmeer.nl is the instrument in finding and offering this supply.

for the general public

The public part of the site is available to everyone but naturally is intended especially for those who want to take an active role in the community. With one click of the keyboard a world opens of employment, education and activity options.

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