"It is our aspiration that all people of Amsterdam with disabilities have an opportunity to become participants in our city"

  • yes we can!

    Many people stand on the sidelines and do not count, while they would like to work. In the conference on 15 February 2022 from Pakhuis De Zwijger, we investigated how social and solidarity economy can change this. Resulting in this manifesto!

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For those who missed it: there is a short report and the main program of the conference It’s possible! is to look back.

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social organisation

Looking back at a great conversation about the courage to organize and manage differently, led by Natasja van den Berg. Watch one of the sub-sessions here: investing in solidarity economy – social governance, you have to dare!

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program conference

Then how? We will discuss this during the conference on 15 February. With authoritative speakers, inspiring evidence and workshops. Here you will find the program.

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inspiration sessions round 1

In line with the themes, authoritative people from the field will take you along for inspiration. Get to know the opportunities for equal opportunities and investing.

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sessions round 2

Immerse yourself in it and share in the knowledge and experience from practice. Choose from the sessions in the afternoon.

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The conference starts with guests from home and abroad: people who are working on change. They share with us how they realize that change.

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participants sessions

In the sharing session for inspiration and deepening we meet a large number of people. They share their practical knowledge with us.

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equal opportunities

We exclude a lot of people. This happens unconsciously and consciously, often with the best intentions, for example to manage risks. It can also be different. By looking at recruitment & selection and organizing work differently, opportunities are created for people who would otherwise not have their turn.

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talent development

Europe is committed to the future of the social economy by investing in (digital) skills. Competencies for the future: is the social economy ready?

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investing in solidarity economy

Meaningful work is work in which people experience autonomy. A company that works with a form of shared ownership makes use of collective intelligence. Running a company from the bottom up, by the people who work there. That is a goal for a solidarity economy.

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investing in social economy

The European Commission launched the Social Economy Action Plan in December. This plan contains concrete starting points for a solidarity and social economy. The Netherlands is not a forerunner and as a member state should take EU policy to heart.

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