"It is our aspiration that all people of Amsterdam with disabilities have an opportunity to become participants in our city"

program conference

On February 15, 2022, we will come together and take stock. With a program of (applied) knowledge and exchange. Join us and share your knowledge and sign up!

The conference starts with influential guests from home and abroad: people who are working on change. They share with us how they realize that change.

The program is created by representatives of larger (European) social firms, government, European Commission, professors, employers and public funds.


9.00 walk-in

9.30 main program

Led by moderator Natasja van den Berg, in discussion about: How do we move towards a social and solidarity-based economy? With Agnes Jongerius, Frank Kalshoven, Tine de Moor and many others.

11.30 short break

11.45 sessions round 1

Four sessions on the main themes: equal opportunities, talent development, investing in social and solidarity economy.

12.45 lunch break

13.30 sessions round 2

In the second round, we go deeper into 7 sessions with solutions from daily practice.

15.00 end

Check the program (in Dutch)

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