"It is our aspiration that all people of Amsterdam with disabilities have an opportunity to become participants in our city"

results in neighborhood development

In the program residents-controlled neighborhood development in the context of the municipal program Confidence in the city we worked hard in recent years in three districts to make it possible for all Amsterdam citizens with a disability to be a part of the social movement of the city.

De Omslag its goal is to let all Amsterdam citizens with a disability be part of the city’s social environment. To achieve this goal, De Omslag worked with partners from the Januscoalition such as De Regenbooggroep and De Volksbond. The coalition wants to encourage people with psychological and psychiatrical disabilities to participate in activities concerning habitat, labor, education and leisure, in an environment that they choose for themselves. De Januscoalition therefore wants to focus on all public and private social aspects in the neighbourhood.

The Januscoalition succeeded in putting the concept of “working inclusive” on the agenda. In pilots special attention was paid to the way in which “everyone participates” could be improved and applied. Moreover, transitions had been made between domains such as economy, living, health care and welfare. Before the inclusive working method became part of BGW (neighbourhood development led up by citizens) its goals, complicated discussions had to take place.

A first important step has been taken, but the next years the subject of conversation needs to be the pain and frustration of people with (psychiatical) disabilities. They are confronted with the obstacles within themselves and in their social environment while trying to participate. Reasons for this are not to be found in medical issues, but in the absence of understanding about their well-being and place in the society. In response tot its experiences in BGW, the Januscoalition wrote a “ninepointsplan”: http://werkenindewijk.nu/site/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/2015-Negenpuntenplan-versie-DEF-an4pdf, with which they want to improve the participation in neighbourhoods of people with disabilities.

More information about the results and evaluation of BGW can be found by visiting the following websites:
Onderzoek van de Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Reflectie verslag van de Januscoalitie

All website links are in Dutch. For more information about these developments in the neighbourhood you can contact De Omslag.

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