"It is our aspiration that all people of Amsterdam with disabilities have an opportunity to become participants in our city"

social procurement funnel

De Omslag presents a simple three step model (four if necessary) to support your social procurement policy.

Social organisations that want to contribute to the participation of people with disabilities would be well advised to procure socially themselves. During the Social Procurement kick-off this past June 23, foundation De Omslag introduced the “social procurement funnel”. It is a simple model that supports social procurement policy.

Step 1 : When procuring products or services, check first to see if these products or services can be provided by the target group of the organisation itself. This way, an organisation can create opportunities for participation and work for their own target group.

Step 2 : If that step is not (yet) feasible, services and products can be procured from social firms. The showcase at www.socialezaken.info provides overview and inspiration.

Step 3 : When purchasing a product, service or volume is not feasible, then step three is in order. Existing and new providers are stimulated by procuring organizations to use social firms for implementation. We call this step “social return’. Would you like to know more? For information or a consultation, please contact info@deomslag.nl

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