"It is our aspiration that all people of Amsterdam with disabilities have an opportunity to become participants in our city"

Do it!

What is the expertise of De Omslag? That is to propose the mission of empowerment of people, deploying a warm network and not be afraid to get to work ourselves. In short, commitment where entrepreneurs really have something to do.

De Omslag unique in the mission
De Omslag is unique and strong because people’s empowerment is always a priority. Without exception, it is about strengthening meaning for people with a disadvantage, by maintaining or creating jobs.

In our support of sociale firms this is leading. For example, how can we offer people paid jobs, rather than a voluntary job? What is needed and especially what can we do to achieve that!

No lip service but practical and business approach
We help social enterprises by strengthening the crafts and services they offer. They say they do not want a consultant, but just help. De Omslag does not advise. It is about conceiving and implementing ideas for scaling up or strengthening the company.

In practice, the emphasis is on connecting or building commercial power. This is usually the strengthening of the commercial side of social enterprises and care projects. Following the needs we look for a suitable method (SWOT, Businessmodel Canvas etc.etc.). And we encourage practical and commercial thinking. In order to make this not only thought, but to turn it into action.

Thanks to this effort, work is being made of work. Good examples are the care projects that threatened to disappear, but those who have taken the step in business, thus sustaining the work for the people. Think of successful work integration social enterprises like Kunstgalerie Beeldend Gesproken and the catering of De Buren.

Personal network and thus local
Sometimes it’s about opening new ways for a social enterprise. De Omslag and her experts make use of their own network. Without these personal relationships, it is virtually impossible to make the necessary connections. That’s why De Omslag works in Amsterdam, and not outside.

Maintaining the warm network is a second nature for De Omslag; kindly, fulfill your promises and do not act on behalf of people or entrepreneurs, but do the things together. De Omslag works together with Jaap Kemkes and Paul van der Linden as permanent staff and experts in support.

The support we use is always tailor-made; there is no book for how you do that. It is important not to tell stories that sound good but are actually meaningless, but to keep each other sharp and practical.

We asked the entrepreneurs themselves: Read the experiences of the entrepreneurs themselves.

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