"It is our aspiration that all people of Amsterdam with disabilities have an opportunity to become participants in our city"

Valuable economy

Although rules and resources sometimes fall in the way, we note that there is attention to make room for people with a disadvantage in the city. This is about day activities, volunteer work and work in social companies. In fact, the continuum policy of the municipality of Amsterdam becomes more visible. The City of Amsterdam sets various means for stimulating social entrepreneurship.

De Omslag would like to link these resources to practice. We do that quite literally: bringing people and organizations into contact and sharing knowledge.

De Omslag can do that through its mission, its unique network and method. By always including, without exception, the topic of inclusion and people, it is possible to transcend the organizational interests and differences. De Omslag has a warm network and is not afraid to get to work. We do this very practical, for example, in collaboration with the foundation Doen , Bureau Social Return and team Beschut Werk. We inform the city council and connect people at all levels by organizing network meetings and working visits.

This practical approach is different and important. It’s about empowerment of people, and working together to strengthen social entrepreneurs themselves.

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