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The power of meeting

Social enterprises? They are really the heroes in the stories about the crises that Europe and the rest of the world are now going through. De Omslag went looking for answers in our neighboring country Belgium.

On February 12 and 13, De Omslag met with a dynamic group of social entrepreneurs in Liege for an important conference on the Social Economy. This event took place under the flag of the Belgian presidency of the Council of the European Union and attracted more than 500 interested parties. Scientists, ministers, and representatives of the European Commission came together to discuss the crucial role of the social economy in the current transition periods Europe is going through.

The social economy: undervalued but indispensable
During the conference, an important question arose: “Are we too modest as a social economy?” The answer is a clear yes. Social enterprises are the solution to the crises Europe and the world are currently facing. They play a key role in essential transitions such as the green and digital transition, and the pursuit of a fair economy. It’s time we raise our voice and recognize the unique value of the social economy, far beyond our own circles.

A roadmap for the future
The conference was not only a place for discussion, but also for action. On the second day, an ambitious plan was presented to strengthen the social and solidarity economy in Europe: the “Roadmap of Liege”. This plan emphasizes the need to support the sector by addressing investment shortages, increasing knowledge about the social economy, and implementing better legal structures and policies. It is a call to all European countries to remove obstacles for social enterprises and work together towards a more prosperous, fairer Europe.

Download here the manifesto and discover how we can shape the future of the social economy in Europe together.

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