"It is our aspiration that all people of Amsterdam with disabilities have an opportunity to become participants in our city"

yes we can

As of today, this is the motto in our movement, towards a *conference on 15
February 2022*. There and then we come together and share in a program of (applied) knowledge and exchange.
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Large groups of people realize that we are really running into limits with our current economic model. The shore turns the ship, it really has to be different. The planet can no longer carry us. Environmental problems such as global warming are a direct threat to everyone: rich and poor. That leads us to solidarity in prosperity (economic growth) and adversity (covid).

In the social field there is now also awareness that the shore will have to turn the ship. The current system of social exclusion is not working; it is bankrupt. Everyone – government, companies, organizations – will have to realize that a product or service manufactured and sold using the exploitation and/or exclusion of people is not sustainable.

Social sustainability is about how we deal with employees, with people who don’t keep up with the maelstrom of our economy. We could put more fundamental systemic criticism against that. It is not about aid (alms) but about core values ​​such as living together, democracy, a living wage, work as a social investment and a condition for recognition, contact and psychosocial health.

Viewed in this way, the social precedes the economic. The goal is a liveable social (and sustainable) society.

main question

How can we initiate an effective sustainable social movement?
What can we do to make the urgency clear for an effective movement to emerge? We asked ourselves this key question.

In the Knowledge Network Social Impact we are working on the movement towards a Social and Solidarity Economy. In that economy everyone participates and everyone is valuable. That is necessary right now. To strengthen our society, we need to tackle the growing dichotomy. Employers need all talents and everyone has talent. It’s a shame to waste those talents by leaving people on the sidelines.

from can’t to can

As of today, this is the motto in our movement, on the way to a “conference on February 15, 2022”: https://www.deomslag.nl/nl/kennisnetwerk/ Conference. There and then we come together and make up the balance together. With a program of (applied) knowledge and exchange.
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The conference starts with influential speakers: people who work for change and realize the conditions for change. They share with us how they realize that change.

Expect a program with representatives from larger (European) social firms, central government, European Commission, professors, employers and public funds. And let’s not forget the sustainability movement: what can the movement towards a more social and solidarity-based economy learn from sustainability?

The movement and conference is working on a manifesto (it is possible!) with the following topics.

1 everything has to be social

Without a standard we will get nowhere and the urgency is great. That is why the proposition: everything must be social. In addition to a debate about this standard, we delve into the why, together with companies that design their products and production process completely socially. About inclusive personnel policy, management and democratic processes.

2 everything is possible socially

It may be clear that it must be, but where do we see those bears on the road? We think it is possible and we share in the conditions and instruments: social procurement, social tendering, social entrepreneurship and a social and solidarity economy.

3 from can’t, to can

Time and again we find sufficient space in policy, legislation and regulations. How do we set our existing daily reality in motion? Sometimes it’s a little connection that makes all the difference. And sometimes a system change is needed to make a difference. Think of new policies that are needed to remove barriers, such as tax rules (less on labour, more on raw materials). How do we get from can’t to can?!

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You can also pre-register via the website of De Omslag, via this link Conference-het-kan-wel?r=nl/meetings.

Have an idea for a contribution?
Share it with us! You can enter your application in the form until 19 November 2021. Go to the conference contribution form

You can also contact kennisnetwerk.socialimpact@gmail.com .

Download the extensive information and rationale for the conference here

The Social Impact Knowledge Network is committed to working together with everyone (companies, scientists, social organisations, policymakers, employees) who works on achieving social impact and wants to contribute to a social and solidarity-based economy.

This conference is part of the Social Impact knowledge network. We share knowledge and inspire each other. We do this by organizing activities, holding discussions, publishing papers, etc.

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