"It is our aspiration that all people of Amsterdam with disabilities have an opportunity to become participants in our city"

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knowledge network

Social enterprises are companies that have been set up to provide employment for people with a distance to the labor market. Social procurement for social objectives and the creation of work for people with an occupational disability supports the sector.

Social procurement (procurement) is a powerful tool that can be used by the (local) government to stimulate social entrepreneurship. Recent research has shown that this is only happening to a limited extent.

De Omslag will use its practical knowledge of strengthening the social entrepreneurship ecosystem and experience in boosting processes. We use this to organize a sustainable and national Social Impact Knowledge Network. By fostering networking and knowledge sharing, we contribute to innovation in the service of social objectives and diversity, especially for people with disabilities.

what do we do?

The activities we organize focus on 4 goals: collecting knowledge, sharing it, providing a platform for it and encouraging opportunities for social procurement to be used.

A signal from the practice of the De Omslag foundation is that expertise and context determine the extent to which there are opportunities to think and work outside of one’s own expertise. As a result of the experiences we have gained at “European”: https://www.deomslag.nl/nl/europa, national and Amsterdam level, we know that the innovative strength lies in cross-pollination. We want to use this in the service of the shared social objective; job creation for people with disabilities.

cross pollination

The movement is set in motion by connecting different types of knowledge (practice, scientific, legal) and expertise (entrepreneurs, lawyers, researchers, purchasers and (policy) officials). In collaboration with PIANOo, De Omslag will actively bring the various networks into contact with each other and apply the appropriate working methods (conference, expert meetings, support and advice).

PIANOo is a center of expertise for procurement; an information-gathering organization. PIANOo has an important and reliable referral function. In order to achieve a driving force for innovation in the field of social procurement, we are jointly looking for a form that can support the movement and in which knowledge is generated by making cross-domain connections and supporting research.


By facilitating the provision of information, support, advice and tools in the field of social commissioning, public-private partnership and achieving social goals through tendering and subsidies that can be used by the parties involved, the government can make an important contribution to the acceleration that is needed and desired. The knowledge network and the conferences, expert meetings, advisory function and publicity that we are going to organize are effective components of a development programme.

share knowledge

De Omslag is working on a broad library with all kinds of findings, white papers and guidelines that anyone can use, download, forward and more.

Interested in contributing your input on creating social impact in the network? Please contact us.

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