"It is our aspiration that all people of Amsterdam with disabilities have an opportunity to become participants in our city"

Yes we can!

Many people stand on the sidelines and do not count, while they would like to work. In a conference on 15 February 2022 from Pakhuis De Zwijger, we will investigate how social and solidarity economy can change this. You can already register.

a right to work?

Do people actually have a right to work? That is the opening question with which we approach the conference Het Kan Wel! start. The UN Handicap Convention- Convention-handicap that has been ratified by the Netherlands gives people with a disability or chronic condition the right to equal treatment and to participate equally.

At the European level, we strive for a fair and inclusive Europe. The principles are set out in the Social Pillar of Rights and efforts are being made to stimulate the social economy. We discuss this European ambition with Agnes Jongerius, among others, as the representative of the European Parliament.

And who’s next?

The task of the Dutch government is to translate this framework into social entrepreneurship policy. What is the vision and practice in the Netherlands? And what does it yield?
We ask Frank Kalshoven for insight and ideas about investing in people and rules surrounding work. With the director of Cedris, we will discuss how the government can be both a counterforce and an ally. And involve the social entrepreneurs from the audience in this.

yes we can!

We see that a social economy is emerging; social entrepreneurs who show that it is possible. For example, that you can indeed create jobs for people. What can we learn from the examples we know very closely?

We organize in-depth sessions along the important themes.

View an overview of the speakers in the main program and the people from (best) practice that give their cooperation to the sessions.

The sessions you can choose from are dividee into a round inspiration and a round practice.

Can we make the niche the norm?

Depending on the measures regarding Covid, we will be happy to welcome you in Pakhuis de Zwijger or an online conference room. Join the discussion and learn more in a program of in-depth workshops.
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